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Djane Rink's NYE

We got in touch with India's #1 Djane to get her experience of NYE and here is an excerpt from the conversation.


Over the past 12 years, I’ve been part of New Year’s celebrations worldwide, but this year has definitely been on my list of most memorable NYE events. I was honored to be part of Round Table India events once again and this time it was extra special as the occasion fell right on the brink of 2018. 


As always, Round Table India events upheld the tradition of creating a spectacular event. The evening had the most elite crowd of Indore present, and people were beautifully decked up. The decor was fabulous and an instant eye-catcher for me too. As soon as I entered, people were cheering my name, eager for my Bollywood set. 


After my introduction and the opening track, I went on playing some of my hit Bollywood house mixes, and then straight to 6/8 Bollywood. To add hype to the entire set, fire dancers were onstage with me to pump up the energy of the night. Later to push the energy to an even higher zone, I picked up the momentum with Dhol taasha - the genre of music that I believe is the DNA of Indian people and the key to any hard core party scene. I later moved on to some original 90’s music in combination with some EDM and my Bollygram magic. It was a definite hit with the crowd and I felt the energy soaring. 


To bring in the New Year with a bang, I had mixed my track with the countdown, and I loved how the crowd was cheering on with me. By 12:01 we welcomed the New Year, and I played my remix of Swaag se Swagat - a new mix that I had created exclusively for the event. Post that, the most responded to track was Malhari, and of course Salman Khan’s hits and from the 90’s “My Name is Lakhan” was a favorite. 


I thoroughly enjoyed myself during the entire event, and look forward to many more with the energy that Round Table India specializes in! 


Her electrifying music and energetic MC'ing has indeed made her #1 .Let's hope to see some more new events from her soon. Stay tuned to her social edia for more updates


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