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Ellen Allien became best DJ of Germany 2018!

DJ, musician, label manager and a true techno diva Ellen Allien has become #1 among best DJs in Germany!

Ellen Allien has enormous skills and resource, sourcing and collecting music for many years.

A techno lover from the start Ellen comfortably blends and weaves a pattern of her own hypnotic Berlin techno, acid, freak jack slammers and classics.

Absorbing the space and the energy of the dancers, she creates something mysterious and captivating for the here and now.

Second a third places got Monika Kruse and Anja Schneider, so we can make a conclusion that Germany is such a techno country, because first 3 positions, according to people voting, got prominent techno DJs.

Warmerst congratulations! 

Check the full top20djanes Germany list below:

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