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Maya Jane Coles has dropped a brand new EP titled Waves & Whirlwinds

The Long-awaited album Waves & Whirlwinds is out via Maya Jane Coles own label I/AM/ME.

"Waves & Whirlwinds opens with delicate plucks of harp-like synths that harmonize with deep sliding waves. This combination of sound is built up by the stylized percussion that Coles has been mastering since she was a teenager. She displays her ability to fluidly string together house beats with snare-centered kick drums with perfect flow. Coles then showers the track with beatific vocals, giving a voice of hope over an otherwise peaceful yet dark sound." - says.

Leading into the final track 'Isolate', Coles plunges into the depths of her darker side. Signing off the EP with deep and dark, broken percussion and distorted vocal sounds, manifesting in a wholly sinister, downtempo experience. Isolate is available for you below.

Find the whole EP, following the link:

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