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Where are all the Female DJs in East Africa?

From Nairobi to Kampala, women are grabbing more airtime than ever, but the decks still feel stacked against them. Enter, Femme Electronic!


At a Goethe-Institut Nairobi and Santuri East Africa week-long training this week, the newly launched Femme Electronic project discussed the best way to break into the DJ business.

Femme Electronic is a project co-founded by Ugandan pioneer female DJ Rachael, and seeks to empower female DJs on the East African electronic music scene. In Kenya, the project was launched in March and is supported by Goethe-Institut Nairobi.

The training, done by MIDI Minds (SURAJ, Dylan-S and Dread Steppa) in conjuction with Ada Creative Studios offered both practical DJ skills and knowledge sharing.

Seminars with established names like DJ Rachael, DJ Kace, DJ Hvy Moroto Industry, DJ Andrea and DJ Imran, will culminate in a concert set to be held at the Igiza Lounge in the city of Nairobi.

So, on their first party of the year, come ready to party. With 10 DJs in residency, the training is one of the many components that the project seeks to use to build capacity of female DJs on the electronic music.  Among other activities, Femme Electronic will throughout the year host weekly residencies that are currently held in collaboration with Igiza Lounge. It shall also incorporate other activities such as open forum where issues affecting women on the electronic music scene are discussed and solutions identified.  More training sessions are planned for July and August and will focus on other core areas of the program.

DJ Rachael (the first DJ to start the Femme Electronic movement in Uganda) alongside Nairobi’s very own DJ Shock and Lasta will be spinning from early in the evening till late.  There will be other surprise guest artists!

Meet the creatives behind Santuri Safari, get the scoop on this electronic music wave that is sweeping East Africa and enjoy Happy Hour!

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Source:  WGNetworks